Branch Closure

Notice of Closing the Main Street Branch

Algonquin State Bank has decided to close its branch office located at 221 Main Street in Algonquin, Illinois (the “Main Street Branch”). The closure of the Main Street Branch will be effective as of the close of business on Wednesday, December 15, 2021. After December 15, 2021, Bank customers may visit our other branches at 2400 Huntington Drive North in Algonquin and 800 E. Algonquin Road in Algonquin for their banking needs and they may also access our online banking and mobile banking resources to conduct their banking business.

The Bank’s Board of Directors and management team carefully review its operations on a regular basis and have determined that it is in the best interests of the Bank and its customers to close the Main Street Branch. For a number of years prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, activity at the Main Street Branch had declined. During the pandemic, the Main Street Branch has been closed as a safety precaution; however, the Bank has been able to effectively serve all its customers, including customers who previously used the Main Street Branch as their primary banking location, through the Bank’s other branches noted above as well as through the Bank’s online banking and mobile banking platforms. The Bank is confident that it will be able to continue to effectively serve its customers after the closure of the Main Street Branch through its existing branch locations and digital resources.

If you have a safety deposit box located at the Main Street Branch, please note that we are moving all safety deposit boxes to our 2400 Huntington Drive North branch location and you may access your safety deposit box from this branch beginning on December 16, 2021.

If you have any questions regarding the closure of the Main Street Branch, please feel free to call Paulette Jensen at 847-658-0359. Thank you for your continued support of Algonquin State Bank.